Ditch outdated booking methods

Since approximately 70% of website visitors are mobile users, why not exploid the full potential of the mobile generation of viewers and users by granting them access to you very own booking app.

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Own Control Panel System

Manage all you booking through your own admin panel saving you and your staff the time and hassle dealing with outdated booking methods


Try it with our simple 3 step process.

1. Subscribe

Start your free trial today. Create your agent login and follow the easy step process.

2. Setup Your Company

Edit your company info, services, products, employees schedule etc.

3. Install app display on your website

We will set up your company name,details and logo in your app display and enable EzyBooker mode on your website for you.

Our amazing Features

Managing your bookings has never been easier. EzyBooker is designed to be used by Hairdressers, Barbershops, Medical Clinics and Massage Parlours.
We provide you with web interface and mobile apps, so that you can run your bookings from anywhere, anytime

Manage your bookings and accept online bookings easily

Your customer will receive reminder notifications before their appointments to avoid no show-ups

Your customers can order your products online and pay online as well

Schedule your employee timings, salaries, commissions etc.


Saves time and hassle for the employees:

  • No more answering phones while in the middle of treatments.

Get in bookings even after closing hour as well as before opening hours:

  • Many clients realize they need a treatment the following day but are unable to book due to the salon being closed. This will in the long term result in more bookings for the salon as well as a satisfied client who will appreciate you having this option which will result in a loyal client who will stick to your salon as it’s always possible to book at any time (even on a Sunday evening at midnight they can book for Monday morning etc).

Client loyalty in general:

  • Many clients tend to stick with a certain salon after being satisfied with their treatment and especially done by a certain favorite staff member. A great benefit with the app is that clients can choose that specific staff member inside the app resulting in a satisfied treatment every time.

Following the expanding and fast growing tech trend:

  • 70% of internet users are using their mobile phones nowadays to find services, products and alike.. having your own app for your business will not only ensure you are following the fast growing tech trends but will also make you look like an established that takes themselves as well as their clients seriously and you will stand out as a professional company,, and who doesn’t want that as a business right!?

Location navigation:

  • Location navigation button inside your app navigating your clients directly to your salon location.

Appointment reminders:

  • Your clients will get a reminder 15 hours prior to their appointment and again a reminder as pop up notifications directly on their smartphone.

Loyalty programs:

  • Give your clients discounts for the 5th or 7th treatment ordered. This will guarantee them staying loyal to your salon and bring you more sales.

How our system works?

Your company details, user information, sales data are safely stored in our secure cloud hosting.



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